From last Sunday through Wednesday we had a family
reunion, our first in 2 years. In attendance was
my sister Tass, bro John, oldest nephew Nathan,
our mom, Barbara, and our dog Sasha.

Here are some photos.

Sometimes a bit of the old hooch helps when
trying to figure out the Apple operating
system. When all was figured out, John gave
us a slideshow of family photos and also some

My nephew Nathan got Sasha a little red ball
as a present. Thanks Nate!

Looking through the dinner menu from Ming Wah.

Pigging out on Chinese carry-out and watching Family Feud.

We were going to go to the Jundt Art Museum over
at Gonzaga University. But we arrived about 10
minutes after they closed. So we went to Plan B
and decided to search out the Crosby House. Here's
me walking on campus. I really like this photo
for some reason.

Bing Crosby, Spokane's most famous native son,
lived in a house in his early years that is now
on the campus of Gonzaga. Crosby attended college
there (pre-law, go figure that one) and contributed
a huge amount of money to the school over the years.
Here's John out in front of the house.

As it happened we arrived 7 minutes too late to
tour the Crosby House. So here's a shot of me
crooning a song out on the front porch.

Got pope?

Here's a shot of John with a statue of Pope
John-Paul II taken in the Administration
Building of the university. Which was
essentially Plan C.

Me and the Pope were real tight.

I don't know who this girl was but she must
have been somebody important because her photo
is with a bunch of others on the wall of the
Administration Building. I just thought she
was a fox and took her picture.

I needed a head shot of Tass for the address
book on my phone. Here she is wearing my
"Mr. Smith" Matrix sunglasses.

Tass sometimes has trouble with the new technology.

John with the all-important flashlight. And
don't ask, 'cause I don't even remember what
that was all about.

Tass still trying to figure out the camera.
John still playing with the flashlight.

My youngest nephew Keegan couldn't be at the
reunion as he just got married and is living
in San Antonio. But I did have a request for
a picture of their new baby, Kieren. So here
it is.

A get-together can be rather tiring for little
girl dogs.

Barbara with Sasha, Tass, Nate, and John.

I would like to thank my bro John for suggesting
the reunion and taking time off work to do it,
as well as picking up the bulk of the expenses.
So much has happened to us over the years, each
of us in our own way. But we are still a family.