My sister and me went over to the Coeur d'Alene
casino Friday to get cheap cigarettes and just kinda
hang out for a while. While waiting for the courtesy
van out from Spokane we happened to have some time
to kill so we went into the adjacent grocery for some

That's where I saw this UFO Claw Machine. I guess what
drew my attention to the thing was the little alien pod
claw units, which I thought were pretty cool. "What the
hell" I said, and took a picture of it with my phone.

Like casinos, these machines are another form of
gambling. You will lose more often than you win in
spite of technique because they are set up to do that.
Nevertheless I knew a guy a couple years ago who could
go over to the claw machine they had in this bar and
not only get a toy out with every attempt, but who
could pick up whatever toy a person requested (within
reason, of course). I swear, it's true. And I never
found out how he did it.

As for me, I don't gamble. Either at the casino or on
the claw machines. But a lot of people have fun trying
to win anyway, and evidently the machines are extremely
popular in Japan. I guess that even in a high tech culture
with video games and such that a lot of people still like
getting the "hands on" experience.