Valentina Lisitsa.

Beethoven's short piece "Fur Elise" (WoO 59) was composed in 1810. As
Thayer notes

"According to Nohl, the discoverer of the manuscript, the inscription
read "For Elise on April 27th as a remembrance from L.v. Bthvn." But
inasmuch as the manuscript was found among the possessions of Therese
von Malfatti, Unger believes that the inscription should read "Fur Therese"
which in German characters would resemble "Elise." Nohl's copy was used
for its publication in the collected works."

Well no matter who it was written for, "Fur Elise" is not very difficult
technically and is usually considered to be a student's piece. Therefore
it is strange (initially) to find the great Valentina Lisitsa recording it
and even using it as a concert encore. But the reason is meaningless
once you listen to her play it.

It's perfect.

Therese von Malfatti.