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Dr. Stephen Murray in the SHH hybrid operating room.

This is the coolest thing I've ever seen on this planet.

While I was at the doctor's last week I ran across an
article on Sacred Heart Hospital's new (and 3rd) robotic
surgery system, the daVinci Si. The daVinci is a state-
of-the-art robotic tool which helps surgeons perform
complex micro-surgery procedures. The addition of the
new Si unit makes Sacred Heart's hybrid operating room
the best in the western United States.

Some on the internet have made jokes about how with
robotic surgery there is no more need for doctors,
only people who can play video games. Nothing could
be further from the truth. Having a good word processor
does not create a great novel without the mind and craft
of the writer. Just so the daVinci system gives skilled
surgeons the ability to choose and perform minimally
invasive surgery over more traditional invasive surgeries.
If you've ever had your sternum cut in two with a saw
and then wired back together again, you will know the
advantage of micro-surgery. And in some cases the improved
view made possible by the system's 3D HD imaging system
brings a greater chance of success for such procedures
such as mitral valve repair over more traditional means.

There have been huge advances in medical science over
the past 50 years. And what is experimental today becomes
the commonplace in a few short years. So if right now the
daVinci system seems like something out of Star Trek:
Next Generation,
in future years patients won't even
bat an eye at the thought of such techniques.

Would I agree to be operated on in my upcoming valve
surgery using such a system?

Hells yeah I would!

The new and improved daVinci Si robotic surgery system.