Joulia Stepanova as Snow White.

Once upon a time there was an evil woman named
Snow White. She ruled over seven dwarfs who,
held captive by her power and beauty, labored
for her deep in the gold mines. From sunset to
sunset they tended to her every need. When they
angered her she would spank them. And she would
snort lines of gold dust from the dinner table
and then, once high on the dust, give the dwarfs
the small ration of affection they so craved…

Or so goes the retelling of the Grimm brothers fairy
tale in the video "Sonne" by the German band Rammstein.

Not exactly Walt Disney. Rather a dark allegory. One
which deals with any overriding ideology to which we
are willing to trade our entire lives.

But I love the Rammstein video also for its pure out-
rageousness. And Russian actress Joulia Stepanova is
deliciously wicked in it.

My thanks to Keegan, John, and Angeliki.