Last year I did a post which was a kind of wish list for a few things
called "Big Plans, Small Budget." Experience had taught me that talking
about what you might call future contingents like that is pure folly.
Looking back across my life to journal entries I had written or letters
I failed to mail I became aware that so much of what I hoped to do in
those sources didn't pan out. Which was kind of depressing. So I finally
stopped making statements like that to myself — at least inasmuch as it
is possible. And of course with my health I really shouldn't be planning
any "long vacations" in any case.

So the Big Plans post was a rarity. But as it turned out, I successfully
completed the list in one way or another. I got the laptop; and I got
the new television. And even though I didn't get to Portand to see Anton
Kuerti I did get to see someone even better — Valentina Lisitsa right
here at home, and 4th row seats to boot.

So here I thought I would tempt fate again and put down a few things
that I would like to do in the next year or so.

  • The complete works of Brahms on CD.

    For a couple months now I've been wanting to do a post talking about
    a number of works by Johannes Brahms and how they figured into events
    of my life. What has been holding me back is that I first wanted to go
    back and listen to those works again, remember the moments of personal
    history as I listened. Well the trouble is that I have none of those
    works, at least not on CD. So I got onto Amazon and Barnes & Nobel and
    started looking at CDs. My final determination was that it was going
    to entail about 7 CDs, at an estimated cost of $100.

    Well as I was doing that I came upon a boxed set of the complete works
    of Brahms
    . The cost is about $110, about what I would spend for the 7
    CDs mentioned above. Not only that but I would get EVERYTHING that
    Brahms ever wrote, including so many works that I have never even
    listened to before. Checking out the short samples of various tracks
    from the set I found the performances to actually be very good.

    So I decided to put down the outlay of cash and get the box set.
    Probably in July.

  • A telescope.

    Over the past couple of years I've talked about my desire to get to one
    of the 'big eyes' — an observatory such as Blue Mountain in Montana
    where I could actually get some 'hands on' and look through the telescope.
    But it just didn't seem possible. There are too many expenses, too many
    hoops to jump through in the process.

    So lately I've I've been thinking about getting my own telescope. The
    Celestron NexStar 127 might possibly be within my budget sometime next
    year. It's a great 5" Cassegrain with all the high-tech telescope features
    (although I would probably spend the money eventually to get the GPS

    There are all sorts of problems to be worked out — not just the cost
    but the fact that I live in a light vortex here in Spokane and the fact
    that the weight would make carrying it any distance almost impossible.
    But to hell with it. I'll work out those problems if I am fortunate enough
    to have the little eye sitting in my apartment.

    A 5" Cassegrain is actually an awesome piece of equipment. The stars
    would be my home. And of course I would want to take some photos with
    it for the blog.

Well, that's it for this time. Just those two things. I guess I'll find out
whether I've pressed my luck too far.