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Danica Patrick in her #7 Dallara-Honda.

Well Indycar driver Danica Patrick has been featured on this blog
before I think several times — though admittedly one post was pretty
much about her butt so I'm not sure I should count that one. In any
case today was the Indianapolis 500, which I sort of watched off and
on, and Danica driving in the race sort of got me to thinking about
her again.

Danica ruffled more than a few feathers last weekend during the time
trials for the race. Calling her car "absolutely terrible" and "the worst
car I've ever driven" the statement was almost universally taken as an
insult to her Andretti Team crew. Lord knows Danica has a bit of a temper.
But she is also honest and speaks her mind and it is important to remember,
as she said also, that a car that is fundamentally unstable is just plain

I think that if I were driving one of those fire-breathing Honda monsters
around a track at 220 mph that I might be a little jittery (or even totally
pissed) at a car that was not tuned properly. Maybe it would have been more
fitting, in fact, had I been one of her team engineers and perhaps said "Yes,
we didn't have the setups right. We hope to get that fixed for Danica before
the race." But no. People blame Danica.

Danica is 16th in terms of overall accumulated Indycar points for the
season. She might not have stacked up the wins over the past years, but
it is important to remember that her point total puts her pretty much
16th in the world in open car driving — Grand Prix excepted. It's not
just all Playboy and Sports Illustrated photo shoots. She's a race car
driver fist and foremost.

So I guess that means that I had better not show any hot photos of her
butt on this post. Well, maybe another post.

Another highlight of today's race (at least for me) was following driver
Will Power. Every time the announcers would say his name I would break
out laughing. I can't help it, his name sounds like the name of some
cartoon super hero.

Will Pow-errrrrrr!
Will Pow-errrrrrr!
There's no need to fear
There's no need to fret
Not when you've got —
Will Pow-errrrrrr!

Will Power of Team Penske.

Incidently, Danica came in 5th in the race and Will Power came in 8th.

And my congratulations also to Dario Franchitti (husband of Ashley Judd,
that lucky guy) on his second Indy win.

Well I never promised not to show a photo
of Ashley Judd's derriere, now did I?