"Will that be regular or menthol?"

My sister gave me a cigarette today. And I was left
thinking "don't I get my choice of a blindfold too?"

When someone is executed by firing squad it is sort
of a tradition that they first be offered a cigarette,
and then the choice of whether to wear a blindfold
or not.

Some prefer to look death square in the eye and refuse
the blindfold.

Some, perhaps operating on the thought that "dead is
dead" prefer to make it easy on themselves and take
the blindfold.

Having always been a person who liked to face life
directly, for most of my life I would have refused
the blindfold.

But these days I find myself liking to keep things
simple and easy. So at this point I would take the
blindfold and just let myself stand there and think
about Julianne Moore or something.

In any case I would certainly take the cigarette.
I guess that's one situation where you don't really
have to worry about getting cancer or coronary
artery disease.

So here's the question to readers:

Blindfold or no blindfold?