Jeremy Renner in The Hurt Locker.

Last night my sister was over and since neither of us
gets out to the theater much we decided to watch a couple
of movies on pay-per-view.

The first was The Hurt Locker (2008). I would say it is
not a great movie but it is a very good one. I wonder
though about how interesting the movie would be to a
non-American. Seeing as the whole thing (Iraq) is kinda
our problem.

After that we watched 2012 (2009). This one is 99
percent pure crap. And I'm not even sure how the remaining
1 percent would be good except perhaps for the scene in which
helicopters airlift in animals such as elephants and giraffes
— think Noah's ark here. And that scene only lasts maybe 3
seconds tops. I really don't know how or why John Cusack
ended up in this thing. He usually makes pretty good movies.
But the truly amazing thing is that the makers of this flick
were able to sustain such a terrible movie for a whole 2
hours and 40 minutes. Which of course made the experience
even worse. My sister, mercifully, fell asleep during the
last hour or so of it. Me, I was stubbornly determined to
get my money's worth. Remind me not to hang on to that
philosophy the next time.

John Cusack roughs up a guy from Greenpeace.

Okay, I'm just joking. The guy isn't from Greenpeace.
He's from the Audubon Society.