I'm surprised those noodles don't melt
that styrofoam container.

My introduction to Thai food came in 1984 when I visited a little
restaurant a few blocks from my apartment in Dallas. I quickly became
addicted to Thai, introducing my best friend Jim Wisenhunt to the place
and the burn-your-mouth-out Bangkok Beef they served there. "This is
really hot stuff" I told him. "Oh, I like hot food" he told me back rather
casually. "No, I don't think you understand" I added. " This dish is
insanely hot." As he found out about 20 minutes later.

Over the past year or so I have been lucky enough to have been a patron
of Thai On 1st here in downtown Spokane. Chin the manager is a great
person, as is Nick his assistant. It isn't just the food that draws me
there — it is the calm atmosphere and the people.

Thai noodles. I've mentioned them so often here that I am probably
boring people with the topic. But I had to make one note after last
night. Normally, even the 5-star level of hotness at Thai On 1st isn't
really all that hot. It's about the same as normal Schezuan dishes found
at Chinese places. But I had never eaten a 5-star dish there that was
as hot as the stuff I had at the Thai restaurant in Dallas so many
years back.

Until last night. I was talking with Nick about getting the 5-star level
of hotness when he happened to mention that for special customers
they offered what they call a 10-star level of hotness. Well of course
I couldn't resist the temptation. I ordered my normal noodle dish to go
and told Rick to make it 10-star.

Which seemed like a good idea at time. But later, once home and sitting
down to eat with a Silver Bullet (Coors Light) accompaniment, I found
that the 10-star was truly "Thai hot" — every bit as hot as the dishes
I used to get in the 80s.

Oh — my — god. You know I couldn't even eat the stuff in normal fashion.
The best I could do was to take a forkful of it about every 15 minutes,
letting the hotness try to dissipate in my mouth a bit before I attempted

Well I am now totally convinced that the temperatures to be found on our
Sun can be found on our planet also.

Maybe next time I will take it easier on myself and go back to the 5-star.

But probably not. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.