Charlie Reidy, "Dimples."

A few months ago I got a comment to one of my posts
from an Opera member suspiciously called "aschoenberg."
As it turned out "aschoenberg" was my oldest friend
in this lifetime, Charles Reidy. The friendship goes
back to 1973 when I was a senior in high school. We
kept in touch all through the years, but somehow —
for reasons neither Charlie nor me quite understand —
we lost track of each other about 2000. Charlie had
found me and my blog by the simple process of googling
my name.

Anyway, Charlie always did have an interest in photo-
grapy. And I guess when the digital age arrived he
went at it seriously.

You can view his photo album by hitting his web site*.
I think Charlie shows a real talent for reflecting the
jaded and the faded. My favorite folder in the group
is the one from California. But then, I'm kind of
prejudiced a bit when it comes to old L.A.

If you want to check out his photos, I am sure he
would appreciate the visits.

* The site is still under ongoing construction
but is in operation to view photos.