Although I really did enjoy my excellent stay last
March at the Deaconess Hospital and Resort, I have
to admit that during the few moments where there
wasn't a plethora of interesting activities to enjoy
that I did hit my Blackberry a bit and listen to some
music. Unfortunately I only had about an hour of
music loaded at that time.

So in anticipation of another wild beach weekend
hospital stay to come in the not-too-distant future,
I am in the process of loading more MP3 tracks.

This one I give to you by way of one of our Opera
friends who shall remain nameless — unless, of
course, he chooses to name himself.

Johannes Brahms
Piano Quartet in c minor, Op. 60
II. Scherzo
Format (MP3) / Timing (4:12)

(Just click on the stamp to play the track.)