The other day I was telling someone that I really liked watching the old
movies from the 80s, and seeing the actresses with the 80s style

Well this morning I ran across the above photo of Nicole Kidman — yes,
the Nicole Kidman — having what could only be considered a bad hair day
even by 80s standards. Evidently the photo was taken when she was just
starting her acting career in Australia with movies such as BMX Bandits
(1983). She was about 16 at that point.

I like this Nicole from the past. She looks rougher, earthier, somehow
"more Australian" if I may use that term.

You know the early definition of hoitie toitie meant a frivolous or ram-
bunctious person. But as the phrase evolved it came instead to mean a
snobby or snotty individual. I think that with Nicole one definition has
morphed into the other over the course of the decades. Current vs. earlier
model, I'll take the earlier.

I mean, you gotta admit, wouldn't it be fantastic seeing today's Nicole
pop a wheelie on a BMX?

Angelo D'Angelo, James Lugton, and Nicole Kidman
in BMX Bandits.