Yesterday evening I hit my right thumbnail against
the light table in the bedroom and it cracked. I
don't know how it happened so easily.

Bad news is that I had to tear the tip of the nail
off, which had been broken in two by the accident.
And it is of course my thumbnails that I use to type
into the QUERTY keyboard of my Blackberry. As a result
I can barely type on the thing — have had to take to
"one handing" it. No, that's not a lewd metaphor, that's
actually what they call it when you work a cell phone
with one hand. It's supposed to be cool when you can
one hand your phone quickly. Me, I think it's very
inefficient. The nail will grow back after a while,
but I really don't know how long it will take.

Crisis after crisis!

Fie, fie on this mortal realm!