Once again, some photos that I downloaded off
the internet but didn't use.

It's been a good while since I've done one of
these. I guess I haven't been surfing the net
as much as usual.

The Original Rhythm Boys
(Bing Crosby, center).

Actress Hazel Court (1926-2008), star of
Doctor Blood's Coffin and The Raven.

Actress Jennifer Connelly in a studio shot
from Mulholland Falls.

I've never seen this movie. But with the
stars in it I wouldn't mind seeing it.

A shot from our local Spokane Inlander magazine,
an issue devoted to Summer activities and events.

And no, we normally don't eat chipmunks here.

Well it ain't Rembrandt. But I suppose that
if someone were to give it to me that I would
put it in my kitchen.

When you stop to think about it, it's quite
a logical career move.

English supermodel Kate Moss in some sort of
Alice in Wonderland kind of thing.

German supermodel Barbara Meier in some sort
of leopard (grrrrrr!) type of thing.

A Van der Graaf accelerator.

At last, something the whole family can enjoy!

A good looking woman and a jumping dachshund.
I like the whole concept.

A statue of Anubis out in front of the Children's
Museum of Indianapolis.

You know I was thinking that most kids these days
would probably think that it was something from
the movie Star Gate.

The constellation Pegasus, showing the location
of HR8799, a star that has been recently found
to contain three gas giant planets.

Normally in this next to last spot I try to put
in an art photograph. Since I didn't have one
this time I thought I would put in this very
artistic photo of pianist Valentina Lisitsa.

Finally, as is the tradition, we conclude with
some sleazy photo of a actress or celebrity.
This time it's Lady Gaga, shown here with myself
back in 2009. Ah, what a day that was! Ah, the