Those damn little packets!

As I've mentioned before I've been trying my best lately to hit the Easy
Button, to just go with the flow. That's what I want in my life these
days: just a nice easy flow.

But I have noticed over the past months that the Go With the Flow
philosophy might be flawed, perhaps even seriously so.

Case in point: Last month I bought a couple of new packs of Western
Family Black Cherry Eucalyptus cough drops. Unlike the regular Wild
Cherry flavor, these newer Black Cherry type had a cellophane type of
rapper around them instead of the old wax paper wrapper.

I don't know why the wrapper was changed, but what I do know know
is that the little packets are a total pain in the ass to get open. Not
only does it take about 10X as long to unwrap them, but they are
impossible to open in the dark if I want one in the middle of the night
and there is also a tendency for the cough drop to "pop" out of the
packet and go who knows where on the floor or whatever. Which is
dangerous because my dog might find it and choke on it. So I have no
choice but to search for the drop until I find it. Admittedly this has
only happened twice. But there still remains the difficulty of opening
the wrapper. That one, it's every single time I want a cough drop.

It drives me crazy. Why this change in the wrapper to one that is more
difficult to get open? It doesn't make any sense. And even if it did
somehow make sense I still wouldn't like it.

Things like this make it much more difficult to follow the Go With the
Flow line of thinking. Frustration is not conducive to Flow.

There is a way to preserve Flow in this situation: simply stop using the
cough drops. No little packets to open, then no frustration and Flow is

But…I like my cough drops. They keep me from smoking as much and
they freshen my mouth, and I love the taste.

So, do I find something different? That would be difficult to do as I don't
like gum and because there really aren't any candy type mints out there
that can compete with a good cough drop.

I don't think that Renunciation should be an answer to lack of Flow. But
it seems that in order to maintain Flow that it is sometimes necessary to
widen out the field of thought and just accept things in an almost Buddhist
type way. Cough drop packets driving you crazy? Stop taking the cough

It seems hardly fair. Of course I know that life is sometimes not fair. There
are I know floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wars. But those things are only
remotely a part of my daily very microcosmic world — the world that I really
live in every day. As far as that little world goes the Flow philosophy works
in many cases, and sometimes in things much bigger than dealing with cough
drops: I accept my illness. I accept my death. For those somehow I can go
with the flow.

Flow as a philosophy is good. But unfortunately there are other competing
philosophies out there that are working against it. The philosophy of Constant
Change for Change's Sake, for example. Upgrades that may be new but are
worse than the previous version. Improvements that are not improvements —
simply changes made by people who can't think of anything else to do, who
lack real creativity.

And so that is the flaw in the Philosophy of Flow. That the world works
against you, that it does not want to flow. It just wants to complicate
things; even to ruin things.

Well, I need to consider this further. I'll be having a dialogue with myself
about it. Probably late at night. After having tried to open another cough
drop packet.

Suggestions/thoughts/ideas welcome.