Dr. Timothy Icenogle.

Doctors are bound by confidentiality with their patients. But as for
the patient himself they are free to reveal details if they wish. Just
for the record I thought I would post this letter I got in the mail
yesterday from Dr. Icenogle, the transplant surgeon that I was referred
to by Dr. Goldberg. The letter is actually meant for the benefit of Dr.
Goldberg, but I received a copy just to keep me up to date.

August 11, 2010

Re: Edward Piercy

Dear Dr. Goldberg,

I saw Ed in transplant clinic on April 19 at your request and have
included a copy of his clinic note. As you recall, we discussed referring
Ed to Dr. Garabedian for his consultation and recommendations regarding
possible bare metal stenting of the pulmonary outflow tract and Melody
percutaneous pulmonic valve. Thank you for providing us with a copy of
your letter to Dr. Garabedian.

I am delighted that Ed has a theraputic option before consideration for
cardiac transplant — this was definitely Ed's preference. Ed is always
welcome to return to our service for cardiac transplant evaluation. I
did have a conversation with the patient about smoking cessation.

We are releasing Ed to your service for cardiology follow-up. We
appreciate sharing the care of your patient.


Timothy Icenogle, M.D.

I breathed a sigh of relief on reading the letter. Since my appointment
with Dr. Icenogle in April and my decision to not go with the transplant
option I have felt rather like I was not on the side of Life — in this case
my own life — and that I might have disappointed Dr. Icenogle somehow.
So I am very glad to hear that he is so positive about the pulmonary valve
replacement option. And I think it is a good sign.

To Dr. Icenogle I would just like to say that I very much appreciate the
time he gave me in his office and his thoughts on the transplant issue.
I have read of him and his exceptionally good track record with regard
to transplant success, and though he has never operated on me it is
clear that he is one of the most outstanding surgeons in the U.S. today
— and I know what I'm talking about because I've met a few great ones
(and I think that would have to include Dr. Goldberg as well, who is a
whiz-bang "electronics" guy).

I thank Dr. Icenogle for his help, his dedication, for being on the side
of Life.

As for the Medtronic/Melody procedure with Dr. Garabedian, there is
still no word on that unfortunately. It has been nerve racking to say
the least. But I know that sometimes these kinds of things take time.

I just hope not too much time…