Forcast for Cairo, Egypt, August 15-28.

Even though it has been way too hot for me the past month, I have to
admit that we have been lucky this year in Spokane. The temperatures
here haven't been anything like the Cairo-like heat that most areas of
the U.S. have been experiencing. In fact the hottest day we've had here
has been 91 F.

But that is about to change. The forcasts indicate that the thermometer
will be jumping way up during at least the next week, possibly longer.
More than discomfort or difficulty breathing my main concern is my
computer. I still have 10 payments left on it, and if the heat fries the
CPU I will be totally without recourse.

I could keep the laptop on the desk and place a fan next to it. But I
think that what I will do instead is take it back to The Cave where it
is at least a tad cooler and run the fan on it back there.

There's just one problem. The cable from my modem won't reach into The
Cave. They make longer cables but I don't have the money to go out and
buy one right now. And so at least for a while I will be without
internet — at least on the laptop.

As I did last year when my old laptop gave up the ghost I will be doing
blog rounds from my Blackberry. Which doesn't always interface well with
things such as videos. But I will do the best that I can to visit your
blogs and to respond to comments.

I won't be doing posts. If the Big Day arrives and I go in for my valve
procedure I will at the least do a moblog post from the phone letting
everybody know. But to be honest I think that we will likely get cooler
weather before all that happens.

Just one question that occurred to me: Why the hell is it that I, a
person who can't stand hot weather in the least, was born in a month
that in the Northern hemisphere is usually the hottest — August?

Doesn't seem quite fair.

Laissez les mauvais temps roulez!