Well when we last caught up with our rather mentally disturbed hero, he
was complaining about the difficulty in opening the plastic wrapping on the
Western Family Black Cherry Eucalyptus Cough Drops that he had purchased
at the grocery. Many good suggestions were offered by our hero's steadfast
sidekicks as to how to get the little packs to open easier. And an email was
also sent to Western Family Foods complaining about the packaging. Upon
which the ever prompt and very good looking (I would imagine) Sharon McFadden
responded immediately, apologizing for the trouble and informing our hero
that his complaint would be forwarded to the manufacturer of the cough drops.
We now continue with the narrative where we left off…

And that, I though, would be it. I never expected to hear anything from the
manufacturer. Time passed. I ran out of the Black Cherry cough drops with the
difficult packaging and found the Wild Cherry Cough Drops with the easy wax
paper wrapping were now back in stock. I bought a couple packs and the problem
with the Black Cherry drops faded a bit.

Until last Wednesday. Coming on my birthday, like some sort of bizarre birthday
present, I opened a letter from First Boston Pharma — the manufacturer of the
Black Cherry Drops.

Just so you won't miss a single beat of the exciting action, here's the letter:

August 20, 2010

Dear Mr. Piercy

We appreciate the information you provided to us regarding the difficulty
you experienced in opening the pillow pack wrapper of the Western Family
Sugar Free Black Cherry Cough Drps. As a member of the management staff
I have discussed the difficulty you experienced in opening our pillow pack
wrapper with individuals knowledgeable in the design of the packaging for
this product.

The "pillow pack" package style is designed to keep moisture away from the
product and prevent product degradation, improving long term stability of
the product. As a possible solution to your problem, open the packaged cough
drop from top to bottom rather than from the side, by tearing down on the
seam on the back of the "pillow pack."

Please be assured that we are continuously evaluating ways to make the product
better including packaging design. In the interim, we would like to extend our
sincerest apologies for any problems you may have incurred with the difficulty
in opening the product.


Michelle Parker
Manager, Quality Assurance

So if I am reading the letter correctly, and I'm pretty sure that I am, they
are basically telling me that they went with the pillow packet design because
it keeps the product (i.e. the cough drops) dryer and more fresh. And they
recommended what might be a better technique for opening the packets. But as
far as changing anything, evidently that is not in their plans for the future.

So it seems that I'm stuck with the plastic packaging. I should mention that
I had tried the method they described just out of instinct almost, and though
it was easier to open them that way compared to other non-tool-based methods
it didn't make the packets nearly as easy to open as the old wax paper wrapping
that still remains on the Wild Cherry Cough Drops.

Well, so much for my attempt to change the world. I guess I'll go make some
toast or something.

Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-MA) visits Boston Pharma.
I hope he mentioned something about the damn cough drops.