Anthony Bourdain and crew in Beirut.

Anthony Bourdain, host and writer of the Travel Channel's No Reservations,
lost out to Ken Burn's National Parks series last night in the Emmy Awards.
He had been nominated for Outstanding Writing in a Non-Fiction Series.

And I think Bourdain got totally screwed.

I watched the National Parks series. And it was a good series, full of
gorgeous photography. But in terms of the writing it was incredibly
repetitious. At one point I thought that if I heard any phrase like "God's
cradle" or "Nature's Eden" or any of countless variants on such just one
more time
…time even for a reality show. Even watching people rack their
gonads on Wipe Out would be better, I thought, than that incessant

I also have to wonder how someone could get a writing award for a show
where about half the writing itself was drawn from earlier writers. You
would think that for somebody to win an award for writing that they
would have written all their own stuff.

Bourdain is doing something different. He's taking the kind of human
interaction that used to be found only in nature shows like Wild
and has morphed the idea into an investigation of human
culture. Bourdain's thesis is fairly simple: Food is a unifying factor
in culture. Around the table we can find, somehow, common ground.

In my opinion Bourdain is an excellent writer. And he deserves an Emmy.
I'm reminded of a phrase — one way or another, no one gets what they
deserve. In fact now that I think about it I wrote that.

Well Anthony, I think you deserve some sort of an award or gift anyway.
So here's a t-shirt for you. It's not much, but it comes from the heart.

I'll assume you want your potato in an XL.

For those who might not know the show, here's just a taste