Dr. Carl Garabedian.

Yesterday morning I had an appointment with Dr. Goldberg,
my primary cardiologist. And as it happened he had just
received an email a few days earlier from Dr. Garabedian,
the pediatric heart surgeon who will be working on my
pulmonary valve and artery problem.

According to the mail, Dr. Garabedian's old mentor from
Boston will be coming to Spokane in January-February to
do some teaching. During which interval Dr. Garabedian
will be pulling me into the hospital for the stent and
valve replacement with the cardiologist from Boston
(I don't know his name yet, unfortunately).

So even though I don't have a specific date yet I do have
confirmation that the procedure will in fact be done and
I at least have some sort of a time frame. Now I can sit
back and breathe a bit.

Besides the appointment with Dr. Goldberg yesterday I also
hit our annual Pig Out In the Park festival in the afternoon,
hit Auntie's Bookstore and picked up a copy of Hemingway,
had some drinks and talked with some people at The Satellite,
and then made my monthly stop for Thai noodles. It was an
exhausting day. I'm not used to doing so much. Today, I think,
I'm just going to rest.