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I've been having second thoughts lately about doing
the whole Magic Castle in the Sky thing. Maybe I'm
just getting older. And even if I could get the Magic
Lamp to give me a nice, youthful, healthy body, that
doesn't mean that I will have a different brain. No,
the brain will remain. And no matter how tempting it
may be to think about all the hot actresses that will
inhabit the Magic Castle, I wonder if it might get
tiring after a while.

So as I was laying in bed yesterday nursing a hangover
I came up with an alternative plan.

The new plan would involve a condominium in Idaho
were I would live with Emily Dickenson. I'm in love
with Emily anyway so that would seem to be a good
alternative. Of course, there is the consideration that
Emily has been dead since 1886. But I would suppose
that when it comes to Magic Lamps that the normal
rules of physics don't apply.

I think the mountains and the different flora and fauna
there in Idaho would give Emily plenty of new stuff
to write about. I just hope she likes dachshunds. She
always seemed more of a cat person. But it would be
okay if she has a cat if she accepts my dog.

Well, we'll see. I guess I don't have to make any
decisions right now anyway.