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We are BORG. You will be assimilated.

Well as some of you may know the bad vision I had been
experiencing over the past year was last month diagnosed
as cataracts, and so this month I was scheduled to go
through intraocular lens replacement. As such my
opthamologist, Dr. Smit of the Spokane Eye Clinic, did
my right eye last Wednesday. Yesterday I had the follow-
up exam, and she said that everything seemed to be going

I was worried about the procedure. Having heart surgery is
one thing but having somebody shine bright light in your eyes
and poke things in them is another. As it was the procedure
was a piece of cake — I couldn't see anything out of my right
eye at all except blackness. No bright light, no instrument
coming towards my eye, none of that. It was easy, quick,
and painless.

As for the improvement in vision — I mean I nearly cried
when I first took off the bandage the evening after surgery
and looked around. Everything just looked so clear and sharp,
just such an immediate experience. My vision has been screwed
up since I was a kid. And I can say quite literally that I
feel like I am seeing the world for the first time.

Not all is perfect quite yet. It can take the eye up to a
couple of weeks to adjust to the new lens. As such my near
vision is very poor yet. Getting on the Blackberry has been
pretty much impossible and even seeing type on the computer
is difficult. I've really only been able to do this post
because the type on my text editor is more legible than it
is out on the internet or on my blog.

But I hope to be back to writing soon. They will do the left
eye on the 20th. And then later in November they will give
me a full exam and determine if any additional eye correction
is still necessary by way of glasses (for example I still
might need them for reading).

If there is anyone out there who has cataracts, in particular
those who have had bad vision all their lives, I highly
recommend this procedure. You will be amazed.