"Small girls must play with dolls,
The day that they were torn to be born
In this area, oh ho."

— Lora Logic, "Alkaline Loaf in the Area"

May is a rather shy and withdrawn young woman. She
works at the veterinary office and spends her spare time
sewing, and her only friend is a rather jealous doll she
has had since she was a small girl. She would like to find
some friends and be loved; but it seems that every time she
meets someone they turn out to be a disappointment.

Oh well. If your friends don't suit you then simply make
a new friend out of their various body parts.

She always knew her talent as a seamstress would pay off.

This is my favorite female psycho movie right now.
Angela Bettis ("May") is great in it.

"I need more parts."