Lady Gaga hosts the ultimate cooking show
in "Telephone."

Lady Gaga continues to amaze me. Her long video
(actually a short film with music) to "Telephone,"
done with Beyonce, pretty much falls into it's own
catagory. Granted there is no one element in the
video that might not be found in her earlier videos,
or in the videos of other musicians. But this one
seems to go over the top and then some in terms of
what you might call "totally gratuitous insanity."
How much craziness can you pack into one single
music video? Well it seems that Lady Gaga continues
to explore that question. And by the way, when I
say "insanity" I mean that in a good way.

I remember back in the early 80s when Michael Jackson
was pushing the music video envelope with productions
of "Bad" and "Killer" — to name just a few. I think
that Lady Gaga has affected me similarly. She writes
her own lyrics and music, creates her own videos, and
to a great degree has done that unaided.

And she's only 24.

In ten years people will no doubt look back on this
stuff and say "Oh yeah, that" and shrug their shoulders.
By which time I imagine that Lady Gaga will have entered
a new phase of her career much as Madonna or Cyndi
Lauper went through phases.

But for right now I will just listen, laugh, and…well,
I guess you would call it enjoy. Yeah, "enjoy" sounds
pretty close at least. Sort of like one might enjoy
one of those funny porn flicks from the 70s. Or one
of those cheap disaster movies with meteors rushing
through space towards the Earth.