This Christmas it was my mom, my sister, myself, and
of course Sasha. This was the first time mom and me
and Tass had spent Christmas together in 16 years, so
it was kind of special. We exchanged little presents
(none of us is that well-off these days) and we had a
cheese platter, a little ham, and some hors d'oeuvres.
And a little wine and beer, of course. As for Sasha
she managed to eat a little bit of everything except
the ham — she can't have ham. And she somehow
managed to insinuate herself into about every picture
I took. Not that we minded, of course.

Sasha looking like a pretty girl for Christmas.

Here I am with a few presents.

And by the way, after the holidays I will be officially
changing my name from "Edward" to "Skeletor."

Me showing Sasha my new stocking cap.

Tass opening a present.

Tass with her new cheese slicer.

Tass with mom, talking about her new manicure kit.

A lot of stuff accumulated on the coffee table during the
afternoon, including *cough cough* a few Henry Weinhards.
The white bowls are the dipping bowls that I asked for this

My mom opening a present.

Tass giving Sasha some cheese.

Tass and Sasha.