Just happened to run into the video for Gun Club's "My Dreams"
this morning on youTube.

I saw Gun Club at the Twilight Room in Dallas at just about the
same time this video was made for German TV. It was a very small
venue — there should have been maybe a maxim of 50 people in the
room (you couldn't call it a hall), but of course we packed more
like 100. Vocalist Jeffrey Lee Pierce was wearing an old army
shirt with the sleeves cut off and was wielding a machete. And
bassist Patricia Morrison (a very cool chic) was dressed in her
classic Vampyra outfit. I think she stared either up at the
ceiling or down at the floor of the stage the entire concert.

It was a great concert, the best I saw at the Twilight Room.

"My Dreams"

What I say
you cannot hear it
so, you intrude upon my dreams
and hate my appearance,

Who gave you the right
to give out the rights?
and to intrude upon My Dreams
and sell out my eyes,

You can't take My Dreams
You can't take My Dreams
You can't take and steal from this body…

I never get a chance
in the airport
sick in bathroom with Your Dreams
and a flight to nowhere,

In Victoria, Gare du' Nord (du)
and Tompkin's Square
You're standing on My Dreams
and you don't care,

You can't take My Dreams