Patricia Clarkson and Alexander Siddig.

I watched Cairo Time (2009) last week because
it starred Patricia Clarkson and because I figured
the movie was as close as I will ever get to spending
time in Cairo/Egypt. My hopes to see some of the
city were fully realized. Director Ruba Nadda films
the city with an artistic eye — sometimes beautiful,
sometimes ugly, always busy and conflicted. And the
shots of Clarkson on the patio of her hotel room
looking out at the Nile were like paintings.

"The first thing you see in Cairo is the heat."
Be that as it may, and as much as I hate hot
weather, I would steadfastly suffer through it
for a month to see Cairo. Everybody thinks of
the pyramids, of course — a symbol of time-
lessness. But in fact it is the country itself
that is seemingly timeless, the flow of the
Nile across 6000 years.

This is a romance, but a very understated one.
Don't expect a lot of hot, passionate kisses.
And ultimately it is a sad tale — but a
beautiful one.