President Obama and Premier Hu.

U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese Premier Hu Jintao today began an
official state meeting in Washington, D.C. to discuss issues crucial to both

Analysts say that at the top of the agenda will be "frank and open" talks
about the new, Chinese-made Cremona violin I bought a couple weeks ago.

Sources say that the two leaders will discuss multiple points:

  • Obama will express his "great disappointment" at the quality of the bow
    rosin that comes with the Chinese violins.
  • Hu will convey their sincere hope that more Americans will buy Chinese
    violins to reduce American debt to China.
  • Obama will attempt to move the Chinese to upgrade their brazilwood
    octagonal bow. Sources say he will recommend a heavier pernambuco bow
    with faux whalebone wrapping.
  • Obama will request that the Chinese finally open their trade door to
    allow American made violin cases, suggesting an "instrument partnership"
    between the two countries.
  • Obama and Hu will discuss a possible strategy to fight the manufacture
    of cheap, inferior orchestral instruments in North Korea, up to and including
    a possible United Nations resolution blocking the sale of quality maple
    for string instrument backs.
  • Hu will invite Obama to schedule another, future summit in Beijing
    before Hu steps down next year to attend a gala featuring concert violinist
    Lu Siqing.

Lu Siqing.