I don't know what sort of violinist I am — a poor
beginning one certainly — but I do know this: I would
bet that I'm the only violinist in the world who carries
a rock around in their violin case.

How it happened was this: When I first got the violin
I decided to put the case across the arms of a chair
sitting in the entry hall. There was really no other
good, easily accessible place for it. But it so happened
that the weightier right end of the case, where the
violin happens to be, was sticking out a tad over the
arm of the chair towards the entry hall and the hall
closet door.

Well, I was afraid that somebody might accidentally hit
that end (most likely myself getting into the closet)
and that the case would go crashing to the floor, possibly
damaging the instrument. So I decided what I needed was
to put some weight into the storage compartment of the
case, which is on the left end, to balance it out.

Something like a brick. But I didn't have a brick. So
I looked through my wall case, which is full of all sorts
of stuff, and found a big rock.

If for some reason I ever take the violin out of the
apartment, I'll have to remember to take out the rock.

But chances are I won't remember. :p