"Pat Maginess" by Allan Nielsen.
(Used with prior permission.)

I was reading a few days ago that Denmark has
recently been rated the highest in the indus-
trialized world for per capita cancer deaths.

Even one death from cancer is such a sad thing. As
we here at Opera well know. One year ago today our
good blogger friend Allan Vestergård Nielsen died
of pancreatic cancer.

I remember Allan's excellent photography, of course.
But I also remember his ability to tell a story, his
gentle — almost innocent — good humor, his love of
music, his wife, his children, his garden, and his
birds, a good scotch or beer, a bowl of strawberries
and cream. And I particularly remember his ability to
turn things a little bit sideways and look at them
differently. This was most obvious in his photography;
but it really was the case in whatever he did.

I miss him greatly.

Live Again…

Carl Nielsen, Symphony No. 4 Op. 29,
II. Poco allegretto.