Well after receiving the unexpected windfall of two
elastic hair ribbons that I found in the parking lot
a couple weeks ago, which will come in very handy to
bind my rosin pouch with (and that's not a metaphor),
I of course started thinking about what might be next
— that big bag of money that I have been expecting to
float down from the sky for some time now.

(Wow, a 69 word sentence. Haven't written one that long
since I stopped reading James Joyce.)

Well I guess my mom and my sister got tired of hearing
me talk about it and decided to give me a bag of money
(shown above).

The bag had $2.33 USD in it.

And in fact after thinking about it for a while I
realized that the money in the bag was some change
that I had coming back to me after a store run they
made. So it was actually my own money.

Not exactly what I was hoping for!

But…the love and the humor were a gift in themselves.