Valentina Lisitsa in a coffin, a publicity photo for a
Halloween Concert she did in Leiden last October.

I really don't know whether I am amused, or horrified.


[Brief pause while I fantasize about Valentina as
a beautiful vampire, holding me under her spell,
"I vant your blood!"]

Her program for the Monster Mash included Ravel's
Gaspard de la nuit, the solo piano version of Liszt's
Totentanz — fifteen minutes of pianistic hell —
and four other works. You know what is really scary?
That she could play all that on the same program.

Incidently, the tickets to that concert cost about
E22,00 or roughly $30.00 USD. I would have paid my
entire monthly check to see that concert if it had
been here in Spokane — to hell with the rent and
such! 😀