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My new stand partner (hopefully) if I ever am in an
orchestra again. As long as she takes that hideous
electronic contraption off the violin first, of course.
I mean, I do have my standards.

Last night I had my first formal practice on the violin since my TIA (or
whatever it is they're calling it now) about 9 days ago. I had practiced
over the previous couple of days informally, keeping the violin next to
me on the couch and picking it up once in while to run through a scale
or something, then putting it back down. But of course that wasn't the
same thing. I knew at the very least that from an emotional point of view
that I had to get back to practice.

I did a passable job with the Wohlfarht exercises, considering. But on
the Vivaldi piece I've been practicing I fell apart. It was as if my brain
just didn't register it. I was physically not up to shape. I could tell
by the way my back kept slumping and the elevation of my neck. I put in
about 40 minutes, half my normal time. And I was very tired afterward.

The good news of course is that I was able to go back to it all and do
even that amount.

I was very much looking forward to tonight also. And I might be able to
do that. But seeing as I got up a little dizzy this morning I really don't
know. This heart noir thing seems to be going back and forth. I have an
appointment with my primary cardiologist on the 24th — maybe he can
figure out what the hell is going on.