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Last night I had the best practice since I started playing
the violin again. I did the Wohlfahrt No. 4 and No. 5 and
then the one I hate, the chromatic No. 6. And I got through
them pretty well — especially the No. 4 which I could almost
swear I practiced in my early playing days. From there I went
on to the Vivaldi piece I have been practicing, and managed
to play it halfway decently for like the first time since
I started working on it.

But then came the surprise. Earlier in the day I had been
listening to Anne-Sophie Mutter play the Brahms D minor
sonata, and following along with the violin part which
I had gotten online. And it had occurred to me that there
was a short section a good number of measures into the 1st
Movement, and which is repeated at the end, which almost
seemed as if it could be a Wohlfahrt etude. So I thought
to myself, what the hell, I'm going to try it. I didn't
play the section at tempo. But with a few mistakes and
some stops and starts I played through the passage several
times, getting the feel of it. Then, again on a lark,
I decided to push on through that to where the violin
line rises into 3rd and then 5th positions, down again,
up again, and then finally down again into the repeated
A notes which conclude the movement.

It actually had made a very good practice exercise. Except
this was no Wohlfahrt etude, this was Brahms, and one of
the most glorious sonatas ever written for the violin —
a true "violinist's violin sonata."

I was so high when I finished practicing that it was
difficult doing anything else. I put on my night clothes
and ate dinner, watched a movie. But it was useless. My
brain just wasn't into any of that. And so I ended up
going to bed — at 9:30.

Brahms, Sonata in D minor for Violin and Piano,
Op. 108, I. Allegro.