Alien light globules? That's my theory at least.
Of course I suppose it could be the flash of my
camera reflecting off snowflakes.

Spokane has gotten some snow over the past 24 hours.
It started yesterday at about noon, very tiny light flakes.
But after about an hour the flakes became larger. The
snowfall continued all afternoon, into the evening, and
lasted all night. As such Spokane has accumulated 4" to
8" of fresh powder — depending on where you live or even
what side of the parking lot you are standing on. The
powers-that-be at the Spokane School District decided
to cancel all classes for today. Although I'm not exactly
sure why as this really isn't that unusual for the city.

I had an appointment at Spokane Cardiology today. Medical
personnel tend to make it to their rounds and appointments
pretty much come hell or high water, but nevertheless I
decided to call them before I made the trip up there to
the office. And as it turn out, Dr. Goldberg is keeping
to his rounds.

I will be leaving about noon, stopping first at Deaconess
hospital to get a few lab tests taken care of. I don't know
if Dr. Goldberg has been informed yet by Dr. Garabedian
of my valve surgery on Tuesday (I'm assuming here that
it is going to happen) but if not I will tell him. Thus my
appointment with Dr. Goldberg, which was originally made
to check me out after my recent TIA, will also give him
the opportunity to make sure I'm in good condition heart-
wise before I have the procedure.

Which of course is good. Dr. Goldberg is my primary
cardiologist. I won't do anything without his stamp
of approval. As for the valve surgery, I should hear
something final on that today or tomorrow at the

In any case, we're expecting more snow over the next
few days. Praise be to the Weather Goddess!