Well Tuesday is in fact the big day. I will checking
in to The Heart Institute at 8:00 and the procedure itself
is scheduled for 10:30. Which probably means that after
they get me checked in and get me prepped that I will
have about an hour to lay there on the bed and do pretty
much nothing. Of course, I'm pretty experienced at doing
nothing. And I'm damn good at it, too.

My cardiologist for this, Dr. Garabedian, will be doing
a procedure to implant the Melody stent/valve system
that was developed by Medtronic (same company that makes
pacemakers). Medtronic has a short video on their site
about the procedure, just in case you want to follow
along with all the exciting action. :p

This whole thing came down so quickly, or maybe I should
say quickly after a very long wait, that I didn't have the
chance to go in and talk with Garabedian at his office
about the possible risks of the procedure. I'm sure though
that he will cover that with me before I sign the consent
forms. It doesn't really make any difference. Short of a
heart transplant, which I have already decided not to go
with, the Melody procedure is about the last thing they
can do for me given the current state of medical science.
So no matter what, I'm going for it.

I've been thinking about this for too long —

— let's light this candle!

And oh, I'll be doing a short post Monday night just
in case any of you would be kind enough to "visit" me
in the hospital on Tuesday. I'll have the Blackberry with
me, so after I awaken from the anesthetic and am taken
to my room I'll be able to do the whole Comment thingie.