Yesterday I had my 2-week post-op exam with Dr. Garabedian
following my stent-valve procedure.

And I'm afraid I have bad news.

All the toys are gone from the waiting room. Or at least
most of them are. The little cars, the dump trucks and
bulldozer, the wooden blocks, even my Legos — all gone.

Evidently there are some new guidelines that have been
put in place concerning communicable diseases and such,
according to which all the toys in the waiting room would
have had to have been washed down every evening. And of
course it really wasn't practicable to do that with so
many toys.

Cardiac kids certainly need to watch out for that type
of thing, of course; it can really complicate matters.
So I can see why they did it.

But on the other hand these kids have to deal with so
many limitations because of their heart conditions anyway,
and it really sucks to have this one further thing.

Anyway, the check-up went well. And I even climbed a two
block hill on the way to the Children's Hospital — pretty
much by way of a stupid mistake but I managed it nonetheless.
It's been so long since I could go up a hill like that.