From the Famine Monument, Dublin.

A borrowed construct in the form of a scene.

[ROLLO and RONALD, two actors dressed as businessmen in dirty tattered
suits on a stage, one rock, one refrigerator turned on its side, a ladder.]

[ROLLO sits on the refrigerator. RONALD sit on the rock.]

ROLLO: I am hot. I don't like being hot.

[ROLLO gets up from the refrigerator and slowly takes off his coat,
folds it, and lays it carefully on the refrigerator.]

I am still hot. Aren't you hot?

RONALD: No. I am cold.

ROLLO: That is strange. Because I am hot. Why aren't you hot?

RONALD: I am too cold to be hot.

ROLLO: That has the ring of truth to it.

RONALD: Cold precedes heat.

ROLLO: It does?


ROLLO: Why don't I know that? I think I should know that. You are not
the only one who says that. I have heard others say that. They put their
hands on their hips, like this…

[ROLLO juts out his hip and puts his hand on it.]

Then they say that. But I guess I never believed them.

[Takes his hand off his hip.]

Or maybe I was distracted. Yes. Distracted I think. But I should know

RONALD: Never mind. It's only a construct.

ROLLO: There used to be people. They put their hands on their hips and
they said things. Now they are gone. Where have they gone?

RONALD: They are not gone. They are simply elsewhere. They were here,
but now they are elsewhere.

ROLLO: Elsewhere. That must be a long way away.

RONALD: That has the ring of truth to it. But we are here.

ROLLO: Yes! We are here. We should dance. We are here and we should

[Dances a little jig, and laughs.]

Ha! We are here! We are not elsewhere, we are here!

RONALD: That is a strange dance you dance. And strange that you are

ROLLO: It's the only dance I know. It's the only thing I can think of
to do.

[Stops dancing.]

Oh, well.

[Looks across the pavement.]

Wait! What is that? I think it's a bug!

[Moves across the pavement and studies what seems to be an invisible

Do you think we should eat it? I could catch it. We could eat it. I didn't
realize how hungry I was until I saw the bug. Why didn't I realize it? I seem
to have forgotten hunger. I sleep most of the time. Sleep without dreams.

RONALD: You are too hungry for hunger.

ROLLO: That has the ring of truth to it. Do you have any food?

RONALD: No. Very little.

[Reaches into his pockets and pulls out a small green chunk of
some substance.]

Here. It's all I have.

[ROLLO runs over and grabs the chunk, slowly nibbles it. When
finished he wipes his hands on his shirt.]

Why am I still hungry? It doesn't make sense. Why is there no food?

RONALD: It is the Famine. The Famine is upon us. They say billions
have died. They said it. I don't know who. Someone. Billions.

ROLLO: I can't count that high. I have eight fingers. And two thumbs.
That makes ten.

RONDALD: Tenebrae lucem praecedunt.

ROLLO: I also have toes.

RONALD: Fingers precede toes.

ROLLO: You are right!

[Looks off into the distance.]

Wait! What is that? You see it? That, there?

RONALD: What is what?

ROLLO: There! Up by that cloud.

RONALD: I don't see anything.

[ROLLO walks to the far left of the stage and climbs a ladder.]

ROLLO: No, I have lost it. It was beautiful. But now it has disappeared.

RONALD: Perhaps it never existed. A construct, that's all.

[ROLLO climbs down off the ladder and goes back to the refrigerator,
picks up his jacket and puts it back on, then sits.]

ROLLO: No, it was here. I think it was here. Oh, maybe not. In any
case we have lost it.

RONALD: We have lost it.

ROLLO: And will we find it again?

RONALD: No. I don't think so. A construct, that's all it was.

ROLLO: That's all it was.

RONALD: Yes. That's all it was.