I discovered this new sculpture the other day when I walked
over to the Museum of Arts and Culture, which is a few blocks
from my house.

A very strange work — what with an owl sitting on the back
of a wolf which is standing on the back of a deer. You don't
see that kind of thing in Nature very often.

I take it as an ominous sign that they are going to raise
cigarette taxes again.

The museum also had this sculpture of a fish humping a bag
of money. Since the fish is occupied with the money, I take
it as a sign that the big bag of money that I hoped would come
down out of the sky is not going to happen any time soon.

I think I'm going to visit some local shaman, and see if he
can work some magic that would get the fish off of the bag
of money.

But on the positive side of things — and I figure that by
the balance of the universe there always has to be a positive
side of things somewhere or other — I found this statue of
an aardvark wearing a jacket and composing a sonnet.

I think that means that I'm finally going to finish the story
that I've been working on the past week or so.