Kind of an ironic advertisement placed on this video
by Valentina Lisitsa, considering that she usually plays one
of her classic Bösendorfers, and where possible always
plays one on tour. And in fact the piano you see her
playing in the video is a Bösendorfer.

I've seen all sorts of ads on these videos, ranging
from life insurance to the Piano Movers of Texas to
advice on how to deal with advanced prostrate cancer.
I know that these ads help youTube to stay out there
in the cybersphere, which allows Valentina and other
artists to be out there also. And I know too that you can
X out of them when they appear. But somehow having
the ads pop up layered over Valentina's hands as she
plays seems an abomination. Couldn't the ads be placed
elsewhere on the page with just as good effect — like
above or to the side of the video screen? They would
still be very noticeable in those positions.

And in more or less related news, I burned my index
finger on a hot pan the other day as I was taking it
out of the oven. Which as far as me practicing the
violin is of no consequence whatsoever. But of course
I immediately thought of Valentina. So as President
and founding member of the
Keep Sharp Knives Away From
Valentina Society
I feel it my duty to add taking hot pans and casserole
dishes and such from the oven to the list of things we
should keep Valentina safe from.


And I might as well throw in one more thing. My bank
card was due to expire in August, so in order not to
wait until the last minute to renew it as I usually
do, I decided to get a jump on it this time and get
a new one now.

I don't know how that photo ended up on the card, I really
don't. But in any case it makes me seem like some sort of a

Which I am not. I swear, I'm not!