Well what could be better to get our minds off of
earthquakes, nuclear meltdowns, war, revolution and
famine than the outlandishly expensive wedding of two
people who just happen to be the future King and Queen
of England?

I watched the wedding of Charles and Diana. The wedding
here in the States began shortly after midnight our time,
but I was working deep nights back then and would go into
the break room off and on to watch the wedding.

In any case, I wish H.R.H. William and Kate Middleton
the best — I've already had enough sad stories over
the years with the great Lady Di.

And here as my gift to William and Kate is a little
link to some music.

Because I'm sure they read my blog.

G.F. Handel, Water Music, HWV 348-350

And oh, here's a little gift from the Normans, something
on the romantic side.

Jean-Philippe Rameau, Gavotte from Les Boréades.