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Manuscript of the opening 1st Violin part of the
Concerto for Violin, Horns, and Basso Continuo in
D major (#135) by Giuseppe Valentini (1681-1753).
From the Petrucci Music Library (secondary source) and
the Kongelige Bibliotek (primary source). The date of the
work is unknown. I don't know whether it is in Valentini's
own hand — it could be the work of a copyist.

It is but a very small example from that almost mind-
boggling explosion of music known as the Baroque.
Thousands of composers, producing tens of hundreds
of thousands of works. Some of those works have been
lost to us through the vagaries of history. Many have
survived, having been printed or existing in manuscript
in countless libraries across Europe. Only a small
percentage are performed or have been recorded.

This is our true inheritance. Not just what one person
or a few individuals inherit, or even one culture, but
what is given to the entire planet. And, one might say,
to the entire universe.