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"All six concertos are very, very unusual if you don't
know the late style of Vivaldi. He has become another
composer, much more mature, much less conventional."

— Andrea Marcon.

These two recordings by the Venice Baroque Orchestra were
at the time they were released the first performances of
them on disk — 2001 and 2002. I don't know if there have
been recordings of them since by other orchestras. Hopefully,
they will make it out there into the concert hall in this new
explosion of Baroque orchestras that has been occurring of late.

Andrea Marcon does a good job with the VBO. And it kind of
makes me all warm and fuzzy inside hearing an ensemble from
Vivaldi's own native city play his work. As for violinist
Giuliano Carmignola he is no Anne-Sophie Mutter. But given
this is period performance that is probably comparing apples
to oranges. Carmignola is nonetheless an engaging violinist
who gets a good range of tones from the bare gut strings of
his instrument. I particularly like the way he's not afraid
to dig into the strings and get gritty or earthy when the
passage seems to call for it.

I also love the suits he wears on the album covers. That
light gray one with the long coat and the vest — oh yeah,
I'd love to have me one of those. Leave it to the Italians
to excel not only musically but sartorially.