Andy Warhol, "Coca-Cola (4) (Large Coca-Cola)" (1962).

I found an interesting web page yesterday listing the various
advertising slogans for Coca-Cola over the years. The first
slogan, coined in 1886, was ""Coca-Cola: Delicious, Refreshing,
Exhilarating." And I'm sure that it was given the high fructose
corn syrup and quite possibly cocaine from untreated coca leaves.

A large number of slogans have been used over the years. Here
are a few that caught my eye for one reason or another.

1886 "Drink Coca-Cola."

That almost sounds like it was destined to be translated
into German: Man muß Coca-Cola trinken!

1905 "Coca-Cola Revives and Sustains"

I can just imagine the disclaimer they would have to use
on that one these days:

*Coca-Cola is not intended for medicinal use. If you are suffering from
severe chest pains, do not drink Coca-Cola, go to your nearest hospital.
Coca-Cola is ineffectual in bringing you or your pet back from the dead.
Additionally, studies have shown that Coca-Cola should not be used in
place of breast milk for the feeding of infants.

1906 "Great National Temperence Beverage"

Also a Great National Women's Suffrage Movement Beverage,
a Great San Francisco Earthquake Beverage and a Great Joseph
Stalin Marries Ekaterina Svanidze Beverage.

1908 "Good To The Last Drop"

Later ripped off by Maxwell House Coffee. Those bastards.

1917 "Three Million a Day"

Probably what the Coca-Cola Company was hoping to earn
from selling Coke.

1922 "Thirst Knows No Season"

Now that just sounds like it could be the opening of some
poem by Emily Dickinson:

Thirst knows no season —
And travels when it must —
'Cross Hill — and Stream —
or Desert scaped — it soon
hits all of us —

1924 "Pause and Refresh Yourself"

Uh huh. Just make sure nobody sees you doing it.

1929 "The Pause That Refreshes"

The first of the great Coca-Cola slogans. Which must
give us pause.

1930 "Meet Me At The Soda Fountain"

…I assume you'll be buying.

1939 "Coca-Cola Goes Along"

Very acquiescent stuff, that Coca-Cola.

1939 "Wherever You Are, Whatever You Do, Wherever You May Be,
When You Think Of Refreshment, Think Of Ice Cold Coca-Cola"

I don't think that's going to fit on a billboard.

1940 "The Package That Gets A Welcome At Home"

Well, that and the milk. Just ask your wife.

1942 "The Only Thing Like Coca-Cola Is Coca-Cola Itself"

I have to say that's a rather Kantian view of colas,
the Coca-Cola-In-Itself. Kudos to the Coca-Cola company.

1945 "Coke Means Coca-Cola"

Okay, now you're confusing me.

1948 "It's The Real Thing"

And the second of the great ads. Evidently Coca-Cola
is not imaginary. Or at least no more so than Judy Garland's

1949 "Along The Highway To Anywhere"

Also can be purchased on the Train to Nowhere.

1950 "Help Yourself To Refreshment"

"Hey, come back with that Coca-Cola you rotten kid!"

1952 "Coke Follows Thirst Everywhere"

Sort of like The Terminator.

1952 "What You Want Is A Coke"

C'mon, baby. You know you want it.

1953 "Dependable As Sunshine"

And thus not sold at night.

1954 "For People On The Go"

…who drive with a Coke in their hand and cause a
major accident.

1954 "There's This About Coke"

…and just try to guess what it is.

1957 "There's Nothing Like A Coke"

Unless it's a Coca-Cola. Jeez, I think I'm confused

1958 "Refreshment The Whole World Prefers"

Ah, ever-expanding markets! w00t!

1961 "Coke And Food"

So what. Trees and grass.

1963 "Things Go Better With Coke"

And the third of the great slogans. Concerned about the
nuclear arms race and the threat of horrific nuclear war?
Don't worry, just drink a Coke.

1965 "Something More Than A Soft Drink"

And since the FDA hasn't stepped in yet we're not
telling you what it is.

1966 "Coke…After Coke…After Coke"

The Coca-Cola Company's tribute to conspicuous consumption.

1971 "I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke"

Probably easier than ending the Vietnam war at that point.

1976 "Coke Adds Life"

Whereas Royal Crown Cola Adds Death. That's a well known

1982 "Coke Is It"

Seriously. It really is. We're not joking, Coke is it.

1989 "Can't Beat The Feeling"

At least not legally.

1993 "Always Coca-Cola"

Verily, from generation unto generation, until the end
of time…