My sister and my nephew Keegan introduced me to
this crazy video series, Vegan Black Metal Chef.
Which is good because it's not something that I
would have actively sought out myself. Simply
because it never would have occurred to me that
something like that would even exist.

Anyway, my nephew is in contact with the guy who
does this and evidently he is both A) a real Vegan
and B) in some black metal band or another. There
is only one episode out so far, and it has already
gotten more than one million views just since it
was uploaded a couple of weeks ago. Valentina
Lisitsa is probably turning in her coffin.

You might not want to watch the whole video, but at
least check out the part at 13:10 and following.

Next time I go to Thai on 1st, I think I'll ask them
weather they invoke Satan when they prepare my
noodles. My guess is they probably don't — I think
they're Buddhists. :p