Recently I've been downloading some MP3 tracks from I site I ran into on
the internet, The Piano Society. They have a large selection of piano
works by many composers, all evidently public domain and free to the

I have to say that this site has no doubt saved me thousands of dollars
that I might otherwise have spent on albums. There is a lot of music there
which I know I wouldn't have gotten around to buying, or wouldn't have
thought of buying. For example, I now have the Paganini Etudes Op. 3 by
Robert Schumann — a work that I really like but which probably would
have taken me years to get around to buying given other priorities.

The performers are not well-known names. And of course like the upper
echelons some are better than others. And of course the engineering
quality is not Deutsche Grammophone. But so far I have yet to hear a
performance that I couldn't live with for at least a while.

Besides major works that I've downloaded, I've also compiled a nice
little album of some short pieces by various composers. So I thought
that I would like to share those and make them available here.

Short Piano Pieces: A Collection

Albeniz — Zambra Granadina (Monica Alianello)

Barber — Ballade Op. 46 (Monica Alianello)

Bartok — Romanian Christmas Carols Sz. 57 (Chris Breemer)

Copeland — Cat and Mouse (Jennifer Castellano)

Grieg — Funeral March (Knut Erik Jensen)

Mussorgsky — Une Larm (Monica Alianello)

Nielsen — Chaconne, Op. 32 (Martin Malmgren)

Poulenc — Melancholie (David April)

Ravel — Menuet Antique (Felipe Sarro)

Saint-Saens — Les Cloches du Soir (Chris Breemer)

Satie — Fantasie Waltz (Karla Rochelle)

Scriabin — Fantasie in B minor (Raul Martinez)

Smetna — On the Seashore (Richard Pohl)

Vaughn-Williams — The Lake in the Mountains (Chris Breemer)

Villalobos — A Lenda da Coboclo (Chris Breemer)

As always, it will take a minute or so for the file to open.