I kept wondering about this gargoyle that I saw in
a photo on Music Choice, who use photos in the back-
grounds of their various channels while the music plays.

At first I thought that it was one of what are perhaps
the most famous gargoyles in the world, the ones atop
Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The one on the left in this photo looks quite similar
to the one I saw on Music Choice. But I don't think
that was the one. The one I saw had flatter eyelids.

This gargoyle on the Mausoleum for Queen Louise-Marie
in Belgium looks a bit closer in the beak. But it's
not the one either. The gargoyle I saw had eyelids.

In don't know for sure, but there surely must be more
gargoyles on the face of Notre Dame church in Dijon,
France than on any other structure.

What do you call a large group of gargoyles? A "flock"
of gargoyles? A "pride" of gargoyles, like lions? I
really don't know.

I'm a good researcher, but I finally had to give up
the search. Gargoyles, it seems, are much more common
than I had thought. In fact it seems they are all over
the place. It was once said that gargoyles served to
protect against evil spirits. It was also supposed that
they are nocturnal animals. So I guess that if you want
to be protected against evil, best to stay home during
the day when they are sleeping.

Something to consider the next time you venture out.

In any case if you have a favorite gargoyle, and can
identify its location, please feel free to leave a photo
in the Comments section.