Every year here in Browne's Addition they have an
event called Artfest, which includes art vendors,
music, and food. I've done Artfest so many times
over the years that it's pretty much "been there,
done that." In fact I didn't even go last year.

But this year I went with my sister, which made
it more enjoyable. And I took some photos.

For a more traditional view of Artfest, go here
and here.

I spent a couple minutes catching up with my good
friend R2ABS3.

(It's actually an antibacterial cream dispenser.)

My sister bought me this shell-style ceramic coaster
for my coffee spoon in the morning. Which might sound
odd but my mom always picks up my coffee spoon that I
have used and left on the side of the counter and puts
it in the sink. So I get a new spoon and then she puts
that one in the sink too. And so I get another spoon…
Hopefully this coaster will serve as a reminder —
"Don't touch my spoon!"

While my sister was getting a gyros I unfortunately
looked down into this waste bucket.

Hope I didn't gross everybody out too early in the
morning with that shot.

The afternoon was so exhausting that I had to check
into the Bud Light Medical Center.

My poor sister also had to check into the Medical