Hey, I actually did something!

Here's how it happened: I took my daily walk
and headed to Coeur d'Alene park. Once there
I headed North a block and then back East.
Well when I got to Pacific and Cannon there
were all sorts of people sitting out on the
patios in front of the Pizza Bar, Tully's Coffee,
and The Elk. At the corner I stopped. And I looked
around. It was a nice day, 70 F but it felt
cooler due to a nice breeze. Sunny, clear skies.

I stood there with hands in pockets, looking at
the coffee shop. And that's when a little voice
started up inside me: "Go into the coffee shop,
Ed. You are decently dressed and you actually
shaved this morning. So go for it. Go in there
and get an iced coffee and sit out on the patio."

"No, that's ridiculous" another voice inside me
said. "You don't do that kind of thing. People?
Coffee shops? Don't be absurd."

"Go on, force yourself" the other voice responded.
"Do something new. How long has it been since you
did something new? Go in there. Get a coffee. You
know you really should."

The coaxing voice won out over the protesting one.
I went into Tully's and came upon a strange world
of mellow canned music and folks sitting at tables
with their laptops and a long and bizarre coffee
menu that included things that weren't ordinary
coffee from a pot. "I'll take a small iced mocha"
I heard myself say to the girl.

A few minutes later I had my mocha. So I went out
on the patio and sat at a table and watched all the

I can't say it was bad sitting out there. But it
really wasn't very interesting either. No Rameau,
no dachshunds, no violin screaming at me to pick
it up and practice. And with only my Blackberry
constituting some semblance of a computer.

Well, I did it. It probably won't happen again any
time soon.